Saturday 4 February 2012

Evelina and the Time Pirates Reviews

Hi guys, I'm so thrilled that Evelina and the Time Pirates has some great reviews.  When I saw a review posted I was so excited, and then so terrified. My heart stopped and then started beating like mad. Did I mention terrified.  But I forced myself to read it.   

I read the first one and then read it again.  Then, I started yelling and dancing around, 'Come and see this!   Come and see this!'  I know, silly, right? But, there are so many ups and downs in a writer's life.  You gots to do whats you gots to do.

My husband sauntered into the office and said, 'Oh yah, That's good.  I really like your historicals though.'

Which is great, but Evelina and Frankie's story keeps flowing out of my little pea brain.  I can't seem to stop it.  So, I've got to get it out.  Book two is coming faster than book one. (I'm sure they'll be at least three) 

Well enough dancing, back to writing, which for me, is the biggest thrill of all.

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