Friday 24 February 2012

Alpha Heros

Alpha Heroes- you gotta love them right. They're my choice of hero. You might not want to marry one, but they sure do make a great fantasy.

I mean, if I'm reading about a Viking or a knight, or a cowboy, he'd better be real.  I guess I like the excitement of the chase.  It's got to be fun, and romantic, and bigger than life for me to suspend my disbelief and escape into a book.

Funny, my Hubby never notices their outrageous behavior.  He'll, say, 'well that was a little harsh.  He did this because of this.  I think she should cut him a little slack.' Ha!


  1. Hello Rachel. Can't work out how to become a follower on this site. Maybe you can tell me. My blog seems lonely with only 2 comments. Might see if I can approach some more authors with suggetions on errors. Who knows, some of them may even be friendly.

  2. Just click at the bottom Rob on the blue bar under followers. I read your blog lookin' good.