Tuesday 17 January 2012

Evelina and the Time Pirates

Hi folks,
I'm so excited.  I just launched my young adult fantasy on Amazon Kindle, 'Evelina and the Time Pirates'. It's PG and a whole lot of good clean fun.   It's written for teens, but I think adults will enjoy it too.

I debated whether I should have a separate blog and another pen name. But, let's face it.  I can hardly keep up with this one.  I need time to write.

I'm working on another Evelina.  This series has been so much fun to do.  I don't see it ending anytime soon. Though my husband said after reading it,'I like your historicals better'.  Which is great, however, I still have Evelina's story rolling around in my head.  So, I've got to get it out.  Oh well, haters gotta hate, right.  Ha!!!

While I'm working on a new Evelina, I`m also getting three other historical romances ready to publish.

Workie Workie Nosey grindstone! 

  Happy New Year Everyone!

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