Thursday 11 February 2016

Writing Clean Teen Fiction

If you're going to write Teen\YA fiction you have certain choices to make.

When I decided to write a YA Fantasy about Water Witches I had to decide on a heat level- sex or no sex. In the end, I choose to try to reach the broadest audience out there. I wanted to create a Teen\YA Fantasy with a lot of good clean fun --a wild witch adventure. There is some violence-- people die, it is scary, but nothing graphic.

I guess some of the older teens might be disappointed, but, I couldn't please everyone. There seems to be a lot of sex and violence out there already. Other authors have that covered. I really felt there needed to be more options for readers-- Teen\YA fiction without sex. 

Besides, I wanted it to be my story with a lot of wild and crazy magic.

In the end, I gotta be me.

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