Tuesday 3 March 2015

Free Spirit

Tuesday's thoughts....

I was wandering around the house, trying to get into the story of this third Evelina book today, but after a weekend away, I couldn't seem to relax my brain enough to free my thoughts and let the story flow.  Life gets cluttery by times, smothering my free spirit-- it's hard to be an artist some days.

But, in order to succeed as a writer, you need to dive into your work and grab it by the throat.

'It's an escape, isn't it?' some people have said, which used to make me wonder, but now seems a slight criticism to me. It's my joy and passion. It's what I do--try to craft an interesting story.  It's character study--trying to get to the truth, which is a whole lot of reality under a microscope. You find yourself swimming in a swirling vat of emotions of villains and heroes.

'But, you make up the story' some might say, which is partly true. I set up the 'what if'. I ask the questions, until it becomes a living breathing thing and I find myself running after those characters, following their stories, getting lost in their struggles and troubles, wondering how it will all end.

Happy, usually. I'm a happily ever after kind of girl. At least, that's what my free spirit always hopes for.

Hope your day ends that way!

Happy Tuesday!

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